Vision & Mission


The Tropical Fruits Inc, established in 1988, is the premier LGBTIQ+ community group in the Northern Rivers in NSW. We are a not-for-profit, incorporated association that holds regular events for our diverse members and guests. We are a self funding, independent and voluntary organisation.

Our mission is to:

  1. To provide an atmosphere of self-respect, acceptance and friendship, in which members can enjoy fellowship and all the benefits of a social club without any political affiliation;
  2. To be a not-for profit, charitable organisation;
  3. To support any like association or charity;
  4. To assist in overcoming the isolation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) members;
  5. To relay appropriate information through a regular newsletter;
  6. To hold regular social events;
  7. To promote the social development of the LGBTIQ community in the Northern Rivers Region;
  8. To assist members of the Northern Rivers LGBTIQ community through community disbursements. 

We hold regular events throughout the year, providing opportunities for our diverse members and guests to get together and celebrate in the beautiful "Rainbow Region". 

Tropical Fruits prides itself on being a Fun, Safe & Inclusive social club and invites all it's members and guests to come and enjoy our events in a safe and respectful environment that embraces all the diversity of our community.

We have made a home at our Clubhouse, the "Fruitbowl", located in the colourful heart of the Rainbow Region, Lismore (lovingly dubbed Lovemore, Lesmore, Livemore). 

Each year we elect a nine-member Committee, which meets fortnightly throughout the year to manage our club.  Our Volunteers work hard year-round in preparation for parties, during events, running the office and looking after the Fruitbowl.  Since 1988, it is the commitment of many thousands of these dedicated people that has enabled Troppos to become one of the largest regional LGBTIQ+ organisation in the country.  Check out our History page for more.  

You can download our Constitution

You can download our Code of Conduct

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